• Product Description:-

Vagina Tightening Stick is made from natural herbs. It provides near-instant results. The extracts in this product are one of the most fail-safe ways to ensure the sexual well-being of females. It works by biological exfoliation inside of the vagina and sensitizes the vagina, and has a positive effect on the consistency of the secretion. Vagina Tightening Stick’s natural ingredients help to get rid of harmful bacteria. Vagina Tightening helps in balancing the vaginal micro-flora. The humidity level of the vagina by removing the dead skin cells of the epithelial skin of the vagina. The result is days per application.

  • Ingredients:-

Food Alumen

Fructus Cnidii

Herba Schizonepetae

Madura Herbs Root

Pearl layer powder

Sophora flavescens

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